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Water damage restoration cost in recent years

The average water damage restoration cost in this current year is $1,203 – $5,117  and $3,152 – $6,591 for Florida according to the Home Advisor.

That is the average cost but it depends on the spaces and the room and also depends on some other important factors that we will cover in this article.

Water damage restoration cost depends on 5 major things, a. Affected areas and damage location, b. Types of the water (clean water, grey water, and black water) and c. difficulties to restore water from the affected areas and materials, d. Water stays for and e. Cause of water. 

Based upon the types and affected areas the water damage restoration cost is different. So, don’t get pale to see the average cost of the “Home Advisor”. Water Damage Broward County has served based upon the work history that the typical cost for water damage restoration service range is $892- $1,842 for residential and for industrial the cost is $1903-$6,112.

In our work history, we have given a big opportunity to our potential clients.

Our price range is $450 (The Low Cost) & $12,054 (The High Cost).

This is the lowest cost for water damage restoration we have ever found. 

Our service cost is very low but not our services. If you are new and want to hire us for your needs then you should know how we give our services for a low cost. 

When we get a call from the house owner about the problem, we advise them to follow some steps and it works awesome. 

The homeowner saves about 442$.

When considering the water damage restoration cost, we have answered 5 questions to get a proper estimate and quotes. In this article, we will cover it.

water damage restoration cost tips and in broward county

Problems of the water: -

What was the cause of the water? Did the water flooded the areas by toilet overflow, pipe burst, sink overflow, washing machine hose, drain back up, roof leak, slow or gradual leak or flood? The cost for restoration is different for different water sources.

Affected areas: -

What are the affected areas caused by the water? Did your basement flood, the main or upper floor is flooded, furniture and carpet is damp and wet?

How long is the area wet or is it still water?

If water stays less than 24 hours then the restoration cost is very low but as long as the water stays the restoration process takes more time and the materials gone damp and wet and mold appears and the process cost more than usual.

What are the types of water?

For water restoration service the water is an important factor. There are three types of water we consider first, clean water, greywater and black water. Black water causes more damage than clean and grey water.

So if you want to get an estimate for drywall, basement, wooden furniture, carpet, leather, mosaic floor, wood floor water restoration then you also need to answer the above things that we have mentioned earlier in this article.

But we can assure you that our pricing is the lowest and we have the following pricing per square feet for 3 types of water to restore from your residential house.

Water Type
Restoration Cost (Sq/feet)
  • Clean Water
  • Grey Water
  • Black Water
  • 3.75$
  • 4.0$
  • 7.25$

So, if you have a room of 60 square feet and the damage was caused by sink overflow then the pricing is 225$. This is the basic pricing that we are offering.

Reduce water damage restoration cost

  1.  When water flooded the areas try to remove the water, make a small hole or use a hose pipe or with a sponge soak the water as much as you can. 
  2. Immediately call an affordable water restoration service provider to visit the affected areas. Many companies provide free site inspections. Call them and they will arrive within an hour. 
  3. Furniture, materials, and belongings as many as you can take out from the flooded areas and take it to the sun if it is daytime.
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