Unbelievable low water damage restoration cost in Miami

In Florida, the average amount of water damage restoration cost is between 450$ to 3,000$ according to our work history. A Govt. certified professional service can estimate the restoration cost by categorizing the damage caused by the type of water. They also have billing software and estimated calculation software to make the process easier.

As a homeowner if you follow some basic tips like stop the water flow, move household things to a dry place, call emergency services then you can cut the money of the restoration services.  Water will grow mold, your household things will get wet, it will be damp, the color of the wall will discolor. So, always take emergency services from professionals.

Florida is a coastal area and every year there is a flood. Residential and commercial buildings are flooded.  Millions of dollar properties are damaged by floodwater. Not only from flood water, but water damage can also be from a pipe bursting, sink overflow, sewage pipe leakages.

The range of residential water damage restoration costs is 450$ – 3000$ in Miami, Florida and the commercial cost is 1000$ – 15,000$ according to spaces, water type, time, and conditions.

Water damage remediation cost per square foot is 3.75$ – 7$ for residential. The cost is not the same because there are 3 types of water and depending upon the water type the prices vary. Also, if the damaged area is easier to access then the price is less and if it is hard to access the area then the price is high. And there is one major thing if the water stays for a long time, then there grows mold and the area goes black spot and so many fungi grow there.

So, if the restoration process is complicated the cost per square foot goes high from ranging 3.75$ to 7$.

The main cause of water damage a homeowner encounter from the roof, ceiling, drywall pipe burst, and water leak.

Repairing Roof Leak Cost: –

When raining water stays on the roof and a leaky roof will let the water into your house. It is a serious problem. It needs professionals to fix the problem. The average range for roof leak repairing cost is 300$ – 1000$. If you have insurance, they will also ask inspection report.

So, you must need professional service for it.

Ceiling Repairing Cost: – 

If a water pipe is burst or broken due to inappropriate plumbing or manual reason water, the average cost may range 300$ to 1000$. The cost also depends on the size of the leak, complexity, and type of the ceiling materials. Sometimes the cost may go high as 2200$.

Basement Water Restoration Cost: – 

Flooding water, drainage water, pipe bursting, etc. can cause basement flooding. The cost is different for basement water restoration depending on the water type basically.

For example, if clean water flooded the basement from a pipe bursting, sink overflow, gutter overflow then the average cost range will be 400$ to 1400$ depending upon the areas and amount of water.

If the water is from sewage drainage and it is black water then the cost range will be 500$ – 3000$. The criteria are the same as it was for clean water.

Cost varies depending on the water type, areas, and amount of water.

Drywall Repairing Cost: –

Drywall repairing cost is very cheap. The average cost range is 300$ – 750$. It is a good place for mold to grow if it gets wet.


Repairing Cost Range

Roof Leak

300$ - 1,000$


300$ - 1,000$


400$ - 1400$

Dry Wall

300$ - 750$


200$ - 550$

Bathroom Fix

800$ - 3300$

Floor Repairing Cost:-

The repairing cost range for the floor is 200$ to 550$. Cost depends on the floor type and areas. Hardwood floor, mosaic floor, tiles floor repairing cost is different because of the material and different complexities are faced for different materials. Some are super easy and some are complex and need more labor, instrument. So, pricing is different.

Bathroom Fixing Cost: –
Most common causes of water damage are bathroom pipe burst. The costing range is 800$ to 3300$. The main cause of pipe leak is frozen or clogged pipe and it result in pipe bursting. To avoid pipe bursting it needs to run yearly inspection.

Natural Disaster:-
Every year in USA flood damage 20$ Billion dollar worth of properties. Reuters reported that the cost of flood damage will increase 61% in the next 30 years and it will be 30$ Billion dollars. Florida is one of the most dangerous because of its geographic situation. Everyyear sea water level is increasing because of the ice melting in the two poles.
The costing for flood water removal from home cost 400$ to 1100$ depending upon the water type and amount.

Cost By Category Of The Water: –

8 Out of 10 houses are not covered by water damage insurance in Florida, only 13% of the houses are covered by flood insurance. Water restoration service company’s categories water by 3 types based upon the water category. They are clean water, grey water and black water.

Water Type

Restoration Cost / Square Foot

Clean Water


Grey Water


Black Water


Clean Water Restoration Cost: –

Clean water means the water which comes from the faucet leaking or sink overflow, toilet overflow, raindrops, etc. There are no other bad materials in the water.  The basic pricing for clean water drying cost is 3.75$ per square foot. This is only for drying costs. Suppose, you have your carpet which has been wet by water the restoration cost for the carpet is 0.75$ to 12$. 

Grey Water Restoration Cost: – Flood water is a type of greywater. The cost for greywater clean-up is 4.5$ only. But you have other materials which are affected by the greywater and want to restore it then every single material has its own cost per square foot. Suppose, 100 square foot greywater clean cost is 450$ and you also need to restore water from your leather sofa then the cost of the leather sofa water restoration cost (about 50$ )will add with the cleanup cost. So, the cost 450$ + leather sofa water restoration costs 50$. In total, the cost is 500$. 

Not only the flood water but the washing machine water, dishwashers’ water, soap, and detergent water are also in the category of greywater. 

Black Water Restoration Cost: –

Blackwater is poisonous and it comes out from sewage pipes. This type of water is very dangerous for health. It has a bad smell. The cost for black water cleaning is 7.00$ only. As I told you in the greywater, the restoration price is high for black water. Household materials – furniture, sofa, carpets, etc. absorb black water and it gets dirty and the restoration process goes in many steps because it discolors the materials and there are lots of poisonous things in it. Buying new materials is costly than restoring black water from those materials. 

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