How to get free estimate for water damage restoration services?

To get a free estimate for water damage restoration service it needs to call a restoration service provider who gives free site visits and free estimates. 80% of the service companies charge for site visits and estimate and it needs to know before you ask estimate. The online water restoration cost calculator does not provide the actual estimate. It gives an average estimate based upon the area you are located in.

In my personal opinion, it does not work at all. It is a procedure to gather data and leads. I have tried this calculator in various ways. I have used different cities with different zip codes and addresses and it shows the same result all the time. So, this is waste of time.

Make a list of residential water damage restoration services

Search in Google map and you will get a list of damage restoration service provider near you and collect their website and contact number from there and ask them if they give you free estimate and free site inspection.

Ask in forum, facebook and your friends

Ask help in forum, facebook and your friends who have used the services before and they can give you the best advice. Friends who have used the service before can give you the best advice because they have experience in it. If any company has any hidden charges, they will aware you about that also.

Ask your neighbor

Go to your neighbor. Your neighbor may have encounter water problem and can use damage restoration services. They will give you good advice as well can give you an address of a good service provider.

Search Google

Search Google for " water damage restoration free estimate" and you will get a list of websites and check if they are in your area. If they are in your area call them.

Send damage area photos in contact form

Some website has system to send damaged area photos to the service provider. Take photos with your phone. Make sure your phone camera is good and don't shake your hands when capturing photos and send it to them asking for free estimate.

Questions you ask them...

Please ask them if they provide free estimate for water damage restoration service.

Do they provide services in your areas and withing how many days they can visit or inspect the damage area. 

If i need emergency services then how do you give me services. 

Many services company has hidden charge. They give estimate first but later they charge a lot. 

Is your company charge more than the estimate and if you charge more then what action can i take against you? 

Is your water restoration company having USA Govt. license? And what is the skill level of your workers? Can i have your Google review page?

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