Cost to restore water and mold from the old house

Water and mold removal cost varies on the type of old house. There are two types of old houses, the departed house where people don’t live and the old house where people live still now. The average cost of restoring water and mold removal from departed house range is 8,000$ to 30,000$ and from the old house, the range is 3300$ to 15,000$ depending upon the square foot, mold, and water type.

How to calculate the cost of water restoration for an old house?

Jennifer has bought a departed old house for cheap and now she wants to restore water from it and want to make it a good living house. We gave them an attractive offer and she grabbed it. We will discuss here how much we charged and how did we calculate the cost. Though we don’t charge for free estimates and site visits.

Cost calculation for water restoration from the old house.

To calculate the restoration cost we first visit her old house and made a checklist of the details.

Old house water and mold removal cost


a. Wall is wet and black mold grows on it

b. The floor is damp and also the mold

c. There were pipe leaks in several areas and the plumbing pipes need to be replaced

d. It needs to paint and color all the walls

Cost calculation:-

This is the process of cost calculation for the water damage restoration process and we are sharing with you the exact thing. Clean water, restore water from the wall, mold inspection, mold removal, and paint the wall. So, how much is the cost? Water cleaning cost is 3.75$ per square foot for clean water, restore water from wall cost is 2$ per square foot, and mold inspection and removal cost is 7$ per square foot as the removal process was easy for us but the mold was black type so the cost is 7$.

So, for 100 square foot wall, the total cost is —


Cost/Square Foot

100 Sqaure Foot Cost

Total Cost

Clean Water



Water Restoration



Mold Removal




This is the process of cost calculation and if you know the cost per square foot then you make a checklist and can calculate yourself. You don’t need to search for a cost estimate calculator for this. 

The departed house water restoration cost is high. But it is beneficial for you because it needs more money to replace and reconstruct everything.

So restoration is the best process. Besides water restoration, we also provide a lot of services. So, if you hire us then you don’t need to find another service for a handyman, plumbing, fencing, roofing, flooring, etc. 

Buying an old house is a good idea who can not afford to buy a new one. In Florida, 2 bed and 2 baths 1200 square foot old house cost is 50k. So, if you buy an old house and spend 30k then you are getting a new house. You are saving 170k dollars because the price of the new one is 200k dollars.

So, this is a good idea to buy an old house and renovate it. If you need renovation services then we are near you. 

We do all the tasks including water restoration, mold removal, roof, gutter, door, floor, window, shutter repair, and installation. 

Call us today. We provide a free estimates and free site visits. We will reach your site within 20 minutes of your call. We also provide emergency services.



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